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Leslie Kristen Trasport is a renowned interior designer, a successful entrepreneur, and a strong community leader. For 15 years, she has owned and operated a high-end design studio, Leslie Kristen Interiors, LLC, which offers creative, unique and beautiful designs for homes, businesses, and boutique hotels in Southern California. 
Leslie Kristen Trasport, Proprieter

One simple way to describe how this talented, creative and successful lady developed such a versatile vision and knack in the Interior Design World would be if you could look up the word Serendipity in the dictionary and it said: See Leslie Kristen Trasport for best example.

Dream houses she built for her Barbies as a child were really houses she built her dreams on.

Wrapping bricks with fabric to make mini sofas, designing plush furniture from wash cloths and turning trash into tree fort treasures was all part of Leslie's seeded passion for turning kitsch into class.

As a youngster growing up during the time when "Kick the Can" and "Hide and Seek" were still cool ways to play with friends, coming up with imaginative ways to set Barbie up in a mansion was also just good old fashioned FUN!

Yet it truly was serendipitous that something so FUN would lead to one’s life’s work.

Yet Leslie was a natural.  A self taught sponge if you will.

Sure having artist parents didn’t hurt, but each of them were more focused on making a living, raising their two daughters, and they had no intentions of “teaching” them about art.  But Leslie paid attention to every detail of their varied talents and jobs.  Even if she was recruited to help open paint cans and stir them she really was more of a sponge.

Raised in a 1920’s home, there was nothing old about it as colors of walls were ever changing, murals such as those of yellow and cobalt blue banana leaves donned the dining room wall, furniture stripped and changed hues several times over, and rotating in antique pieces paired with modern accents was the norm.  It made such an impression on Leslie how such unconventional stylings could produce such beautiful settings.

She observed the diverse talents of her parents in projects outside of the home.  Dad’s Christmas windows and murals with faux finishes and Tromp l’oeil and his antique picking and her mother’s detailed paintings and sketches commissioned for cities throughout the country, as well as the fabric swatches and appliqués she brought home from her job at a pleating company.

She took it all in. It was the best classroom ever.

And if that wasn’t serendipitous, the message could not have been more blatant than when she went to work at age 16 for Serendipity Interiors.  For 16 years she worked for mentor and design mother number 2, Pat Straube, starting out answering the phone, taking out the trash (?) and general office work to learning the nitty gritty about the business aspects of interior design , attending trade shows and soaking in what she could about European design, patterns and antiques.ETC

Simultaneously Leslie was finishing high school and started taking floriculture classes to fill her class schedule.   The latter would prove just to be another serendipitous tool for her future.

Though it may have all been unplanned, there’s no question that the path from building Barbie dream houses  led Leslie to a career helping “real” people have their dream homes.

Her love and passion in doing so is innate.  It’s as FUN to her as the days of tree forts and doll sofas.

The rest is simply serendipity.
Katherine A. Geach, Design Assistant

As an ambitious 10-year-old girl constantly redecorating her room and organizing doll nurseries in each corner, Katherine Geach (“Kat”) never predicted that years later she would be living out her passion for interior design in homes all over Southern California. Today, Kat is the Assistant Designer for Leslie K. Interiors, a high-end design studio that creates unique and beautiful designs for homes, hotels, and businesses.  

Initially, with a B.S. degree in Child Adolescence from Cal State Fullerton, Kat had planned to be a teacher, but five years ago, she decided to pursue a career that would embrace her favorite passion: interior design. When Leslie Trasport, founder and owner of Leslie K. Interiors, assigned Kat her first project—organizing hundreds of fabric books in the firm’s Fullerton studio, Kat fell in love. “I was able to learn so much about fabric lines,” Kat notes. “It was a huge accomplishment for me to see all the fabrics organized and ready to be used.”

Under Leslie’s mentorship throughout the years and now studying Interior Design in college, Kat has evolved from being the firm’s Receptionist to now working as Assistant Designer. She does everything from placing client orders, handling invoicing, and managing vendor contracts, to picking fabrics and paints, space planning and sketching, selecting furniture, and designing accents and accessories. 

Ask Kat to tell you one of her proudest artistic moments, and she will likely show you a photo of the beautiful pillows she designed for a client. She especially loves colors and matching fabrics together that make a design really stand out. “I love walking into a client’s house for the first time and imagining how it will look,” she says. “The best part about this business is seeing how the image in my head is reproduced in the person’s room. It is so rewarding.”

For Kat, the Interior Design field is a place she wants to grow in for years to come. Every day she feels like she learns so much not only through experience but also by watching Leslie. “Whenever I see Leslie interact with the clients, I’m very inspired,” she says. “Not only is Leslie so nurturing and a strong communicator, but she can literally design a room with her mind. She just walks into a room and sees how it should be. I’m learning how to do this.”

 If Kat could design the perfect day in the office, what would it look like? “Getting things done. Staying focused. Sitting down with Leslie and brainstorming the perfect look for a location. I’d just be working in the creative and inspirational environment that I love so much.”

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